Mission (Mild)

Mission (Mild)

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IOO325                                       Country of Origin: South Africa

Mild Intensity

Crush Date: Jun 2020 

This delicate oil has a light floral fragrance, a creamy almond center and radicchio on the back.  There is a delayed bitterness, a light pepper finish, and a low pungency.  It is well balanced.

Country of Origin:  South Africa

*Phenols:  225 ppm           FFA:  0.19
Oleic Acid:  74.3                  Peroxide:  4.0
DAGs:  93.0                          *PPP:  <1.0
Squalene:  3,691.3             A-Tocopherols:  106.1

Fruitiness :  5.0  Bitterness:  3.5  Pungency:  4.0



            *As measured at the time of crush