Favolosa (Robust)

Favolosa (Robust)

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This Chilean Favalosa is beautifully balanced and complex.  It has a pleasant floral, grassy nose.  Herbaceous notes of bitter greens and radicchio.  It is peppery with ample lingering bitterness, typical of high phenolic oils.

 Crush Date:  May 2020

Country of Origin: CHILE

*Phenols:  519.9 PPM         *FFA: 0.23
*Oleic Acid: 75.8          *Peroxide:  4.7
*DAGs: 97.1         *PPP: <1.0 
Squalene:  9.243.6    A-Tocopherols:  116.2

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment: 

Fruitiness: 5.5  Bitterness: 4.0 Pungency: 4.5


*As measured at the time of crush.